Energy management

Awareness of high contamination levels and the excessive misuse of natural resources has lead researchers around the globe to think and propose solutions to address issues such as finding alternative, clean and renewable energy sources. Such advances have been complemented with energy consumption analysis and energy management strategies to reduce costs and increase efficiency of available resources. 

Searching for a real sustainability at home, we propose to install a hybrid system using photovoltaic solar energy and solar thermal energy, which will supply 100% of the energy needs. In addition to this, the residential building will have a connection to the electricity grid, acting as a backup system and at the same time allowing to sell energy surpluses generated by the photovoltaic system. Furthermore, a water heater system using solar thermal energy will be installed for multiple purposes such as cooking, laundry and general cleaning. The lighting system will be low consumption under the standards of the Colombian RETILAP lighting standard.


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